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COMPANY HISTORY - Joseph David Roth Freed organized the Radio Manufacturing Company in 1921.  Freed's first
product was a crystal set called the Marvel. Needing capitol to expand, Freed and his brother's employer, Alexander
Eisemann,  incorporated the Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation in 1922.  Legal issues regarding patent rights for crystal
radio technology caused problems and sales declined until 1923 when production was shifted to the new circuitry designed by
Alan Hazeltine. This new approach became known as the Neutrodyne.  Less expensive radios produced by Atwater Kent
and Freshman eroded the companies market for expensive, high end radios. Assets were auctioned off in 1930. The Freed
brothers started other companies that produced radios with some variation of the Freed-Eisemann name through the 1940s.

MODEL NR-6   The NR-6 was produced in 1924. It is battery powered and uses 5 '01A tubes. The NR-5 was Freed-
Eisemann's first Neutrodyne radio and the NR-6 is almost identical in appearance with a slightly different battery requirement.
You can see the C battery still in place in the right rear corner of this radio.
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MODEL NR-77   The NR-77 was produced in 1927. This is the heaviest battery powered radio I've ever come across.
The top two knobs are not original. All three should be the hand carved knobs like the lower knob shown here. Certainly
the most appealing thing about this radio is the fold out loop antenna. As you can see from the photo all the internal parts
are completly sheilded. The speaker table these radios are resting on was made by Newcomb-Hawley and was made in
the early twenties.
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